Good Life Food Products was established on 1st September 2006 with crystal clear motive ro product quality products of the cookies in the market of Nepal. Since from the date of establishment, Good life food product had created its brand with the name of Golden Cookies in the market. Till the date the products of Golden Cookes are in suppoy on 68 major Districts of Nepal, with the target implementing for whole Nepal, which will cover within a year period. Right at the moment we do have 42 varieties of Cookies in the brand name of Golden Cookies in the market.

Message from CEO

Over the past 7 years, Good Life Food Products has achieved the best sales honor on cookies with carrying the brand name of “Golden Cookies” and “Golden Premium Cookies”. The shared success across the countries binds together the entire company with local teams focused on promoting the same products, to the same target groups in our home country NEPAL.

"Quality assurance is the main pillar of any business as the level of its success hinges on how it delivers good product. The real challenge is to deliver successful product not just once, but again and again. And for doing this, we must have sound strategy, the right processes and tools"

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